Learn how to get your business online?

If your business is a physical location without an online presence, your first step is to create one so you can continue to connect with customers. To get your business online, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide.

3 Steps to take your business online

1. Domain Name

All ideas start with a domain name. It is your unique address online. It should direct people to your website, protect your name, and tell them what you offer.

1.1 Get a domain name that represents who you are and what you do

1.2 How to choose a domain name

1.3 How to register your domain name

1.1 Get a domain name

The part of your website address that comes after the www is known as your domain. For example www.mybusiness.mk

A domain name can also serve as the foundation for a professional email address for a company. For example info@mybusiness.mk

Assume I am looking for a plumber in Skopje. I take out my smartphone, open Google, and type in "plumber in Skopje" and I get a list of relevant websites identified by their domain names as search results. You want your business to appear in search results when potential customers look for the products or services you provide online.

1.2 How to choose a domain name?

Your domain is your company's nameplate on the internet, so choose a domain name that represents your company and is easy to remember. Here are five pointers for selecting a memorable domain name:

  • Keep it short - If you saw it written on the side of a bus, would you remember it?

  • Make it easy to type - Delete any hyphens and weird spellings.

  • Include keywords - Use keywords that people would use to find your type of business

  • Target your area - To attract local clients, incorporate your city or state into your domain name.

  • Choose the right extension - Your company may benefit greatly from using an industry- or region-specific domain name ending.

Now, try combining the words on your list to make short, descriptive domain names. When you've narrowed down your list, you're ready to check the availability of your favorite names with a registrar like Registrar.MK.

Registrar.MK allows you to search for and register domain names.

Purchase a domain name that accurately represents who you are and what you do.

1.3 How do you register a domain name?

When you've decided on an available domain name, register it for a set period of time - sort of like leasing it. Nobody else can claim it as long as it's registered to you.

For example, if you register a domain name for a year, you must renew your registration when the year is up or someone else will be able to use your domain. The average person registers their domain name for three to five years. It is often suggested to register multiple domains to better represent the service you provide or the markets you serve. Also, to prevent your competitor from registering your brand.


If you register multiple domains, connect your website to your primary domain and point any secondary domains to that address. Domains can also be sent to sites such as your Facebook company page.

2. Website

The best adantage to have a website is that it's accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime

2.1 Create a website plan

2.2 Find a proficient website designer.

2.3 What you get with Registrar.MK Google sites

2.1 Create a website plan

Once you acquire your desired domain name, you can start planning your website content.

2.1.1 Generate unique content

Behind every successful business, there is a distinctive story, which facilitates their progress. So, share your tale with everybody.

  • Tell everyone about your beginnings.

  • Present your business and what you can offer to the world.

  • Describe in a few words the workflow that drives your success.

  • Explain to your clients how you can resolve their issues, like no one else at the market.

Elaborate your mission, passion and vision and specify what sets your solutions apart from those of your competitors.

Once you figure this out, you may begin with the writing.

Basically, you need to spread out your narrative across a few pages on your website: Start page, Products|Services, Contact|About Us and Q&A.

However, if time is critical, you can simply start by setting up a nice-looking start page and expand your website afterwards, with more pages.

2.1.2 The four essential web design elements for SMEs

Hiring a professional web-designer to develop your website, doesn't spare you of the duty to make some choices regarding the design and layout of the site. In general, you should pay attention to some of the following basics, that contribute to your online brand identity:

  • Logo

The logo symbolizes your business, so you need to envision how do you want to integrate it within the overall layout of your website.

  • Colors

Choosing the proper color scheme for your website is crucial for brand cohesion. If you are one of the pioneers at the market and your business exists for decades, you might want to emphasize the color red, which symbolizes both passion and tradition. On the contrary, more youthful colors, such as magenta or aquamarine might be ideal for startups. Find out the right sequence of shades in order to match the layout colors with the emotions you want your website's visitors to experience.

  • Fonts

Bold or linear, more feminine or masculine styles - you need to consider which fonts would best personify your business and the niche market that your target.

  • Layout design details

Layout design is the process of arranging visual element like text, images, and shapes on a given page. All

these elements and details can affect your online impression and the user experience. Think about the background colors, gradients, textures as well as the distances between the components in your design. Everything should be arranged in harmony.

Investing some time in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together, can help you establish your brand and introduce your products and service in the best possible way.

2.2 Find a proficient website designer

If you have some great plans for your website, but you don't want or know how to build it by yourself, hiring a web design expert or agency, may be the best choice you can make. By cooperating with skilled professionals, you can materialize your ideas into a fully operational and tailored website, that will help you achieve your online goals.

You can get a website which is attractive, fast and mobile friendly,

by letting a website designer at Registrar.MK Google Site create it for you.

2.3 What you get with Registrar.MK Google sites

  • Client friendly website

You receive a top-notch website for your company.

  • SSL certificate

Automatically inserted without charge, allowing for safe online


  • SEO

It will increase the visibility of your website to search engine users.

  • Mobile-ready

Optimized for a good mobile user experience. The website appears and functions just as effectively on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop computers

  • Google Business Profile

Creating an account on Google My Business for greater exposure of your business online and more customers viewing your business.

  • Google Search Console Tools

Google Search engine has to know that your site exists. It is required to attract the attention of search engine bots.

  • Google Analytics

A variety of products can analyze your website and tell you what's working and what's not. With Google Analytics you can track visitors and discover information about your website visitors, such as whether they are new or returning, how they found you, where they are located, and which browsers they are now using.

  • And, many more features...

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3. Professional Email

Professional email is a efficient way to communicate with customers and generate leads.

3.1 What is a professional email

3.2 How do I get my Gmail professional

3.3 What you get with Registrar.MK Gmail

3.1 What is a professional email

An email address for your company with your domain name, for example info@mybusiness.mk.

It helps your email stand out. The more customers recognize your emails, the more familiar they will be with your business and trust your brand.

3.2 How do I get Gmail with my domain email address

Contact Registrar.MK and they will create a gmail with all the configurations done, where you afterwards need only to change the password and you are ready to go

  • Domain email forwarding

  • Gmail configuration

  • Support

3.3 What you get with Registrar.MK Gmail

You get gmail with your domain email address. For example your gmail is mybusiness@gmail.com and your domain is mybusiness.mk, so you get a email address with your domain name, for example info@mybusiness.mk. You are using your gmail to log in, to read and send emails, and your domain email address is used for communication. Perfect solution- with Registrar.MK Gmail you will get a powerful gmail account with own domain email address

Complete solution [domain, website, email] for your business online with Registrar.mk

Bravo! You have now your business online - the right way!

Maintain the health of your website

Updating and maintaining the content and functionality of your website is crucial to staying current and delivering what your visitors want and need. Furthermore, regularly updating your site with relevant content will do wonders for your Google search visibility.


For updates, use the Registrar.MK Google sites' yearly included support.


Drive visitors to your website. Incorporating a link to your website in interesting social posts can result in significant traffic.

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